Results: Election to the CCCJ Board of Governors 2015-2017 term

Results: Election to the CCCJ Board of Governors 2015-2017 term

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan is pleased to announce the results of the recent Election to the CCCJ Board of Governors for the 2015-2017 term.

A call for nominations with a September 30th deadline was sent to every Member by e-mail on September 16, 2015, drawing a strong slate of candidates; all candidates are members in good standing and were duly nominated pursuant to the CCCJ’s Constitution and By-laws.

This year, polls were open for eight (8) days, from October 30th, 2015 to November 6th, 2015. Voter turnout was high this year, at 60% with 117 votes, compared to 54% in 2014, and 57% in 2013. Results of this election can be seen below. Governors listed in positions 1-11 are newly elected; those in positions 12-15 are serving as part of the 2014-2016 term.

  1. Ron Haigh (Chair)
  2. Eric De Groot (Vice Chair)
  3. Yuko Nakamura (Governor : 2015-2017)
  4. David Anderson (Governor : 2015-2017)
  5. Neil van Wouw (Governor : 2015-2017)
  6. Karl Pires (Governor :  2015-2017)
  7. Philip O'Neill (Governor :  2015-2017)
  8. Marc Bolduc (Governor :  2015-2017)
  9. Stephane Beaulieu (Governor :  2015-2017)
  10. Ron Huber (Governor :  2015-2017)
  11. Greg McDonald (Governor :  2015-2017)
  12. Yuko Sudoh (Governor :  2014-2016)
  13. Warren Arbuckle (Governor :  2014-2016)
  14. Rob Fuller (Governor :  2014-2016)
  15. Tad Furuta (Governor :  2014-2016)

In the weeks following the gala, the CCCJ will release an official message introducing its new board of governors, with a message from the Chair.

Tomorrow evening, this eager group will convene for its first board meeting, and begin discussing how this Chamber can more efficiently work to better serve the members of the CCCJ as well as of course promote Canada-Japan business.

Stay tuned! 


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