Shinnenkai 2024

On Tuesday, February 20th, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce held its 2024 Shinnenkai at HyLife Pork Table. Guests were swiftly greeted with their choice of drinks served by attentive HyLife staff and the delicious, appetizing aroma of sizzling pork—so enticing that a solo traveler almost became a CCCJ member just for a slice of the pork.

Despite a chance of rain that evening, more than 70 eager people made their way to Daikanyama and were rewarded with a high-spirited, close-knit night of networking.  After a welcoming toast from Annamarie Sasegawa, Vice-Chair, to kick-off the evening, guests were presented with a wonderful buffet by the chefs of HyLife Pork Table.  Attendees had an array of premium cuts of pork to dine on- grilled, roast, ribs— you name it.  And if you wanted to take a quick break from the pork, there was delicious pasta, pizza, and select appetizers to munch on!

Equipped with fuller bellies, motivated participants enthusiastically established new connections and rekindled old ones alike- sharing stories, laughter, and business contacts.  The warm atmosphere proved to be a perfect recipe for success, igniting fervor in those wishing to further their business opportunities.

To spice the evening up, all attendees were automatically entered into a surprise special lucky draw of a leadership book (one copy in Japanese and another in English) presented and awarded from the author himself- Paul Dupuis!

CCCJ would like to express their utmost appreciation to the HyLife Pork Table staff for warmly welcoming us to their establishment and serving us their scrumptious food and drinks.  

All in all, this Shinnenkai would not have been a hit without everyone’s keen participation and support. It was wonderful to see brand new members strengthening their business networks, gaining and trading knowledge with other members.

With the upcoming 2024 CCCJ election just around the corner, we look forward to seeing future board members soar to new heights, opening new doors, and fostering a thriving Japan-Canada friendship. Here's to a prosperous Year of the Dragon! Happy 2024!