Hackathon "Renaissance" and Networking Party

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (CCCJ) celebrated a successful Hackathon "Renaissance" and Networking Party, attracting around 40 participants, on Friday, January 26th 2024. The event, serving as a catalyst for collaboration between Canada and Japan, aligns seamlessly with the CCCJ's mission.

During the Hackathon, participants engaged in stimulating breakout sessions led by committee chairs, including those overseeing Publication and Communication, Events, Gala, Golf, Membership, Emerging Technology, Energy, Real Estate, and CSR. Greetings from each committee chair added a personal touch, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and idea exchange.

The subsequent Networking Party, open to all, extended the collaborative spirit of the Hackathon. Attendees seized the opportunity to forge connections, creating a relaxed setting for meaningful discussions. This event underscored the CCCJ's dedication to community building and relationship strengthening.

The CCCJ event surpassed expectations, achieving its goals of collaboration and community building. With a diverse and engaged participant base, the success of the event resonated through productive discussions and newfound connections. As participants departed, the echoes of shared ideas and strengthened bonds showcased the CCCJ's commitment to fostering ties between Canada and Japan.

The CCCJ extends heartfelt thanks to Steelcase for generously providing their showroom, contributing significantly to the success of the event.