2017 CCCJ Annual General Meeting

On June 22nd, CCCJ held Annual General Meeting to Japan at Embassy of Canada. New chairman, Neil van Wouw welcomed members at the meeting.

Ken Arbour, chairman of recommended election supervisory committee announced the result of governing board election and introduced new vice chairman, Robert Fuller. CCCJ welcomed Avrom (Avi) Salsberg, Yuko Sudoh, Stephane Beaulieu, Eric DeGroot, Karl Pires, Philip O'Neill, Ron Huber, David Anderson, and Greg McDonald, the returning members to the governing board.

Greg McDonald in charge of the accounts announced he financial report of 2016.

Also, the motion to hold Town Hall assembly in November so as to discuss the potential constitutional amendment was passed.
The retirement of Ron Haigh as chairman was presented in this meeting.

The detailed minutes of meeting is attached at the end of this page. If you, as a member, have any questions about this annual general meeting, please contact to info [at] cccj.or.jp


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