Gardening World Cup Flower Show ~ Sponsorship Opportunity

We, b sq design studio inc., have been honoured to again represent Canada with our second invite to participate at this upcoming Gardening World Cup Flower Show at a European styled resort named Huis Ten Bosch, in Nagasaki. The event takes place this October 12th to 20th , 2013 and we are to design and assist with the build one of eight featured show gardens. The event theme of World Peace attracts International Designers from around the world such as Australia, England, France and the United States.

The purpose for our letter is to enquiry about sponsorship opportunities, as we need to raise over $37,750.00 to help support our gardens installation and design efforts. The Gardening World Cup event owners have committed to providing $3,500,000 JPY (appox. $37,750 CAD) of the $6,500,000 JPY needed for our Feature Show Garden’s installation. We are reaching out to the Community to ask about any international funding between Canada and Japan that would help support our participation to once again take part and act as ambassadors of our country during the event.

We had the honour to take part in the Inaugural Show in 2010, where our garden was awarded a Gold Medal for its design and implementation.

B sq design studio inc. is a local Toronto landscape design company that has had great success over the past five years that included other international experience taking part in the Singapore Garden Festival in 2010 and 2012 as well locally at numerous Canada Bloom Garden Shows and the Toronto Interior Design Show.

B sq. design studio inc. is a partnership between Robert Boltman and Alex Bartlett who met in 1994 while studying Landscape Architecture at Ryerson University.

It is our honour and goal to once again have the opportunity to design, visit and help construct another Gold Medal Garden that is inspired by a well recognized Canadian named Lieutenant John McCrae who wrote the poem “In Flanders Fields” during World War I.  The Poem was written and inspired by the loss of his friend and former student Alexis Helmer and describes the scene that John McCrae experienced the following day when reflecting on the loss of soldiers amongst the beauty of the Poppy Fields.  This garden will be our interpretation and reflection of the experience of Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae and the all soldiers alike.

Attached is a plan and 3D images of our initial concept and we hope that we are able to have your support and funding or providing sources where we can further inquiry about raising the money we need to build another award winning Peace Garden this Fall in Nagasaki.

The Gardening World Cup Sponsor Invitation Overview is attached, as well as a web link below:

One of the Local promoters and organisers is Mr. Phil Jacobson, (International Marketing for Gardening World Cup Committee) and he can be contacted at (TEL:) +81-80-4181-9485 or by email at info [at]

Please contact us by phone or email at your earliest convenience. We appreciate any advice, interest and offers by the members of The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan may have.


Robert Boltman and Alex Bartlett

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