UBC Japan Baseball Program


The UBC Baseball program is launching an international baseball initiative.  It will see the UBC varsity team start annual exhibition games and tournaments versus Universities and National Teams from countries across the world.  A major emphasis will be put on games against teams from Asia (Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan). We will begin by playing other Universities from these countries and include NCAA Div.1 Universities where possible.  The opportunity exists to use Vancouver and UBC as the gateway between baseball crazed countries from Asia and Canada. UBC Baseball is the perfect team for this initiative given we are the only official college baseball program in Canada that competes for a US National Championship (NAIA).  In Vancouver, numerous business, political and university partnerships and relationships are already in place with these countries. Using baseball to strengthen these relationships is a very unique opportunity.



The UBC varsity team is already committed for a trip to Japan this August (2018) to begin the series.  


2018 Trip to Japan:

Aug 14 UBC travels to Japan (arrives Aug 15)

Aug 16 Practice at Keio University

Aug 17 Game vs Keio University

Aug 18 Game vs Keio University

Aug 19 Game vs University of Tokyo

Aug 20 Game vs University of Tokyo

Aug 21 Varsity Cultural Day with University of Tokyo

Aug 22 UBC travels back to Vancouver


2019 Games at UBC:

Aug 9 University of Tokyo travels to Vancouver

Aug 10 University of Tokyo practice at UBC

Aug 11 Game UBC vs University of Tokyo

Aug 12 Game UBC vs University of Tokyo

Aug 13 Varsity Cultural Day between University of Tokyo and UBC

Aug 14 University of Tokyo travels back to Japan

Aug 14 Keio University travels to Vancouver

Aug 15 Keio University practice at UBC

Aug 16 Game UBC vs Keio University

Aug 17 Game UBC vs Keio University

Aug 18 Keio University travels back to Japan



The agreement between the teams is for travelling teams (visitors) to pay for their own airfare and once they land, the home team be responsible for all expenses involving ground transportation, accommodation and meals for the visiting team.  

UBC Baseball will be trying to raise sponsorship money to help with their travel costs in 2018 and their hosting costs in 2019.

Unique opportunities like paying for a visiting team’s accommodation or if an alumnus of that University, taking the team out for a meal or hosting them for a corporate event could also be discussed.

We have the ability to offer both Canadian and US tax receipts.  There is also examples of individuals from Japan donating to UBC and using the tax receipt UBC can produce.  We are also working on a sponsorship plan around recognition that could include website, program, signage and possibly uniform/hat logo opportunities.


For more information, please contact the Director of Baseball Terry McKaig at terry.mckaig [at] ubc.ca or 604-822-4720