CCCJ Inaugural Executive Forum

The CCCJ launched its inaugural Executive Forum, inviting chamber executives to discuss their businesses together including the challenges and opportunities that they face in Japan. Ambassador of Canada to Japan Ian Burney welcomed the attendees to the Official Residence, stressing the importance of a strong chamber and how the organization can help Canadians and Canadian firms in their respective sectors. In the discussion, Ambassador Burney reiterated Canada's goal to sign a trade agreement with Japan, as well as expressing his optimism towards the future Canada-Japan trade relationship. 

CCCJ Chair Ron Haigh and Vice-Chair Neil van Wouw thanked the Ambassador for his great hospitality and expressed the chamber's interest in continue working with the Embassy to provide support for Canadian businesses in Japan.

Numerous topics were discussed such as Japan and Canada's relationship with the new US administration, deregulation for wood and agricultural products for exports into Japan, Canada's LNG future with Japan, and the labor shortage in Japan along with the country’s need for a more gender diverse workforce. Chair Ron Haigh stressed the importance for companies to join the chamber and discuss their challenges, allowing the chamber and the Embassy help Canadian firms overcome such obstacles in a case by case manner.

This is the first of a series of executive events that the CCCJ will be hosting in celebration of Canada 150.