Seiji Omote

Japan Kenzai Co., Ltd.

I have been associating with Canadian Forest, especially in BC and Alberta last 44 years mostly in Tokyo by selling forestry products from those states into Japanese housing industries.

I joined CCCJ about 30 years ago as a corporate member but not an active member. In March, 2013, I joined HBA group with good support by Wilf Wakely, which, obviously, opened my eyes and started associating with other CCCJ members as well as activities.

Japan and Canada have been maintaining excellent relationship in many ways and I believe CCCJ would contribute to make it even better by providing networking opportunities to corporates as well as to individuals.

CCCJ has good networks with other countries’ chambers of commerce, which should also open up good opportunities globally.

In order to make this organization more active, it would be quite important to have as many CCCJ members as possible, and as a governor I would like to work closely with the membership committee and other HBA members in an attempt to recruit new members, and join CCCJ’s networking activities such as the Golf Scramble held on April 23, 2021 to solidify networks.