Christian Howes

The Counsellor Commercial (Ontario) at the Embassy Of Canada in Japan

The Canada-Japan relationship has been a central part of my life since childhood.  My father’s work as a professor of Japanese history at UBC lead to me spending several years in Japanese schools.  This was followed by a degree in Asian Studies and many summers as a tour guide for Japanese visitors to BC and Alberta.   In 1985 I had the opportunity to represent Canada in Japan was while working at the Expo in Tsukuba.

 This was followed by several years as a consultant helping Canadian companies access the Japanese market.

For the past 30 years I have represented Japan in the world of international investments.  My main responsibilities were to manage the analysis of companies and marketing Japanese equities.  Advising a broad range of Japanese corporations as they raised capital and expanded globally was a fascinating challenge.  

I have been active in the CCCJ for most of the 20+ years I have lived in Japan.   It continues to be an amazing, accessible organization that punches above its weight at the centre of the Canada-Japan relationship.  Some of my key Chamber leadership roles include head of the events committee, membership, CSR and our Team Canada efforts in support of the Rugby World Cup/Olympics.  In the past 6 months I have returned to  my roots as a Japan consultant. As a governor I would like to help the Chamber create a long term plan to support Japanese investment in Canada as well as focus on opportunities for Canadian SME’s and younger Canadians to realize their full potential in Japan.