Summer in Japan, Canadian-style

Summer in Japan, Canadian-style


We’re almost halfway through 2020 and summer is beginning. With travel restrictions in effect between countries, many people are looking for vacation activities within Japan. What are some fun activities that can be enjoyed outside this summer? If you can’t travel to Canada, or elsewhere, what are some Canadian summer pastimes that we can enjoy in Japan?


Outdoor Camping


Like Canada, Japan has many camping areas located in beautiful natural settings. Pack up your tent and barbecue to check out these breathtaking views in the Kanto region. Or you can head to the Kansai area for camp sites in a forest, near a hot spring river or the beach.


Meanwhile in Canada, where many provincial parks have been closed, people are getting creative and recreating the camping experience inside their homes. 


Summer Camps in the Japanese Alps in Hakuba


Evergreen Outdoor Center is located in the Japanese Alps, 90 minutes by Shinkansen from Nagano City, or you can drive from Tokyo in just 3 and a half hours on the Chuo or KanEtsu-ShinEtsu expressways. They offer summer camps from single day to 9 day sessions for kids and teens. The focus is on outdoor activities for children interested in nature and adventure. Camps include activities like raft building, hiking, river rafting, canyoning, camping, camp fire, fishing and more. The first camps start during the last week of June.


This year there will also be a Mother’s Retreat 1-day camp offered, including morning yoga, a healthy lunch and other activities like a gondola ride or herbal tea workshop. Private tours and team building events can also be booked at Evergreen Outdoor Center.


Do you say Grill or Barbeque?


Whichever term you use, outdoor cooking is a common Canadian pastime. Combine that with the delicious fish and seafood available in Japan and you have a winning combination. If you’re missing some Canadian-style grilled foods, these recipes can offer a taste of home. Or if you’d rather leave it to the pros, Tokyo has several barbecue restaurants with a variety of grilled meats and vegetables.




As an island nation, the beaches in Japan don’t disappoint. For a day-trip from Tokyo, try Odaiba Marine Park, Kasai Rinkan Park, Chichijima Island or visit one of these Instagram-perfect beach houses. Further afield, remote destinations like Okinawa and the Izu Seven are renowned for their sandy beaches.