Call for Nominations for 2021 CCCJ Election

It is election time once again, and we’d like to cordially ask you to help the Chamber and help yourself become even more involved in the Canadian community in Japan by running for the Board of Governors of the CCCJ!

You will need to have another member fill it out if you wish to be nominated. If you do not know someone to do this, please let either Neil van Wouw or Ai Nakagawa know: either is more than happy to help you find a nominator.

Greater activity in the Chamber will not only make your Japan/Canada exposure more effective, but more enjoyable and constructive.

So have your name put forward, or put forward the name of another member who you feel could help us. A free and fair election is the basis of a vibrant Chamber!


How to Submit Nominations

There is a .pdf document at the bottom of this page which contains further details on the election, as well as the nomination submission form. Please reference this document, but if you do have any additional questions, don't hesitate to get in touch at info [at] (subject: 2020%20Nominations) ! It's now possible to fill out the PDF directly.

PDF icon 2021 Call for Nominations Form.pdf197.9 KB