June 28, 2018

2018 CCCJ Annual General Meeting

On June 28th, CCCJ held Annual General Meeting at Embassy of Canada to Japan.

Chairman, Neil van Wouw and Executive Director, Jim Zhang welcomed members at the meeting.

The election was reviewed by the CCCJ office. Four elected CCCJ Board of Governors from the 2018 Election are:

Kiyo Weiss
Luci Tremblay
Gordon Hatton
Warren Arbuckle

We especially welcome our newest member, Governor Gordon Hatton.

They will serve a two-year term.

Annual Report from the Chairman Neil van Wouw presented the focused on the growth of the Chamber over the past year, not only in member numbers, but also in transparency and inclusion. Reviewed the activities of the many active Committees, the introduction of the Honorary Board of Advisors and the statistical growth of member's numbers.

The minutes of the meeting is attached below.

If you, as a member, have any questions about this Annual General Meeting, please contact to info@cccj.or.jp

minutes_of_2018_agm.doc59.5 KB