Greg McDonald


As a Canadian and resident of Japan since 2001, I have been an active member of the Chamber since 2009 and Governor since 2013. I am currently the chair of the finance and administration committee and the treasurer. As treasurer, I have been involved at various levels with CCCJ events and projects while also working with CCCJ staff on monthly financial planning and the annual closing.
My professional background includes human resources consulting, financial services administration and compliance, education and training, accounting, and business consulting in Japan and for Japanese companies incorporating abroad. I am also a graduate of the University of Toronto and the McGill MBA program in Japan.
My current position is Managing Director of Equiom Japan that offers financials services consulting around the globe. Our Japan entity offers consulting services, accounting and payroll for foreign entities entering the Japan market, including several Canadian firms. I therefore have a direct professional interest in the Canada-Japan business relationship which has been supported greatly by CCCJ projects.
As Governor, further to the objectives mentioned above, I would like to continue as the treasurer of the Chamber and increase the activity and participation by other members in the finance and administration committee. I hope to encourage other members to help maintain the recent growth and momentum of the Chamber.  
I would like to thank all members for their participation and support of the chamber and encourage everyone to become more active in this organization which has provided me with many opportunities, experiences and friends.