Annamarie Sasagawa

Director, Corporate Culture (Global) at
Kao Corporation


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Annamarie Sasagawa is an anthropologist working in corporate culture development at a Japanese multinational consumer goods company. Originally from British Columbia, Canada, she first came to Japan 17 years ago and worked in tourism and consumer ethnography before moving into her current role as the lead for corporate philosophy at Kao. 

She is also a doctoral candidate at the University of Tokyo and an  Adjunct MBA Instructor of Corporate Philosophy at the University of Tsukuba, where she teaches MBA students in Tokyo the frameworks and strategies they need to clarify, embed, and measure purpose in global organizations. 


Areas of Expertise

  • Corporate philosophy in Japanese organizations

  • Corporate culture communication in Japanese multinationals

  • Purpose-driven business in Japan (history and current trends)

  • The relationship between culture and strategy in Japanese multinationals


Contact information: upon request from the CCCJ office at info [at]