Dr. Jackie F. Steele

CEO, enjoi Japan K.K.

Dr. Jackie F. Steele (PhD) is a trilingual political scientist and longtime (1997) Japan resident with expertise in risk governance, intersectional (GBA+) policy analysis, women's leadership, and how to diversify organizational ecosystems and corporate culture. Building upon insights gained from comparative political systems, legal studies, applied research, and international best practices, Dr. Steele is passionate about evidence-based inclusive public policy and corporate strategies that integrate innovation, idea pluralism, and diversity into the core values and practices of inclusive leadership.

Dr. Steele has taught at leading universities in Japan and Canada over the last decade. Following six rewarding years as associate professor at the University of Tokyo, Dr. Steele is now CEO of enjoi Japan K.K.. She is sharing thought leadership, D&I literacy training on diversity, intersectionality, and innovation with progressive CEOs, executives and D&I practitioners in Japan, Canada and the US.