Aaron Reist

Senior Product Manager, Woven Alpha of Woven Planet Holdings

I am passionate about Canada, Japan and the Chambers role in bringing the two together and continue to be delighted and inspired by the diversity of ideas and skills her membership has shared with me. The North Star that had guided me through my journey at the CCCJ has never been clearer: we are a member-driven, member-focused organization, and as Vice Chair/Governor/Member/Canadian my goal will be to help grow and nurture her membership/network.

I am a Senior Product Manager at Woven Alpha of Woven Planet Holdings.  Prior to this role I have spent close to 15 years working for Goldman Sachs spanning multiple roles related to their Asset Management, Special Situations and Merchant Banking businesses.

My journey with the CCCJ began in 2018 as a member of a team that was tasked to work with former McGill MBA grads at Sonata to help assess the membership structure and our organization compared with our peers.  Baptism by fire; it was a great experience to learn some of the inner workings of the chamber and would motivate me to dive deeper into chamber activities.

From there, my next milestone was joining the Investment guide committee, publishing the 2020 version of the Investment Guide and broadening the committee's mandate to include Innovation, Investment and Business opportunities. 

The current pandemic has forced us to change how we connect and engage our members and I have been fortunate to be a part of the External Relations Committee, Hiring Committee and various ad-hoc committees that help navigate these unprecedented times.  I look forward to seeing how much stronger we come out on the other side.