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Dr. Wade Allison and Dr. Akira Tokuhiro give talks on Radiation

Wade Allison - Radiation and Reason

On Monday, October 3rd two independent nuclear experts, Dr. Wade Allison of Oxford University (Author of “Radiation and Reason”) and Dr. Akira Tokuhiro of the University of Idaho (Professor of Nuclear and Mechanical Engineering), presented to a Joint-Chamber audience including CCCJ Members on the state of safety in Japan on radiation risks and the safety of Japanese food. The video and presentations made in Tokyo by Dr. Allison and by Dr. Tokuhiro are available below.

10月 17, 2011

Canada's Hydrogen Village seeks new Japanese Tech

Hydrogen Village

While in Japan to give a speech in Kitakyushu City, Manager Ry Smith of Canada's "Hydrogen Village" in Ontario is visiting universities and companies to look for useful technologies. At Hydrogen Village, over 30 companies are experimenting with hydrogen filling stations and fuel cell power. Smith says he also wants to work with Japanese companies in the Chinese automobile market, where fuel cells are likely to be widely used. 

Information summarized from: Asahi Shimbun, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun courtesy of Canadian Embassy Translation Services, Tokyo

11月 26, 2007