David Anderson

Executive Director's Message (f)

May 27, 2013

Dear CCCJ Members,

With spring all but wrapped up and summer quickly approaching these are exciting days at the CCCJ.

First point of note must be the notice of the CCCJ Office Relocation. With a growing Membership, an active events calendar and engaged membership, the CCCJ has graduated from our aged abode in Aoyama-Itchome, moving down the road to a newer, more professional office in Hiroo. I am personally very pleased with the new facilities and would like to thank all sponsors and supporters that made this possible.

Next, just arriving back from Canada in mid-May, I am pleased to report on the success of the 2013 Canada-Japan Trade Symposium held April 25 in Toronto in partnership with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Keidanren. The CCCJ was well represented with Wilf Wakely, CCCJ Chairman presenting and Governors Stephen Huggins and Marc Bolduc participating alongside Ambassador Sadaaki Numata, Special Representative Brian Smith and myself. The event was very well attended by executives from both the Canadian and Japanese public and private sectors. It was great to see the continued momentum moving through the negotiations following the CCCJ’s inaugural EPA Symposium held in Tokyo last November.

On the membership front, it has been a very good quarter with the welcoming of Toyota Motor Corporation, Mitsubishi Corporation, Idemitsu Kosan as well as a number of others. With the increased activity level and purpose of the Chamber, Canadian and Japanese corporations are realizing that membership with the CCCJ is an attractive and beneficial experience.

With most of the boxes unpacked, we are keeping busy with a full schedule of events before we hit summer break. On May 24, 28 brave souls participated in the always fun-guaranteed sunshine-CCCJ Annual Golf Tournament, with this year representing the 13 year in operation. Mid-June we have the not to be missed Annual Joint Chamber Summer Cocktail where we have consistently welcomed over 300 business people from the international community and as we are approaching the AGM and Canada Day, the events committee is busy at work filling up the calendar. Please be sure to keep your eyes on event notices and register early to ensure participation.

Again, it is with great pleasure and thanks that I write to the membership from our new HQ in Hiroo.

Thank you,

David Anderson,

Executive Director.