TSI International

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An asset management investment firm

Banking, Investment and Financial Services, Building Products and Construction, Real Estate and Property
Land Banking

TSI International Group is a diversified group of companies engaged in a variety of real estate businesses.

  • Land Banking Investment
  • Real Estate Development
  • General Contracting/Construction
  • Property Management

Land Banking Pioneers
The principals of the TSI International Group of companies are pioneers in the real estate investment and land banking fields. TSI International Group founder, Stephen Huggins and a team of dedicated, experienced staff are at the forefront of a growing trend to bring the high returns and superior benefits of land banking to qualified investors.

TSI Services/Clients
The TSI International Group provides a range of investment management services for institutional investors, private clients, independent wealth managers, and private banks. TSI International Group has operations and /or representation in North America, Europe, and Asia- Pacific.

Alternative Real Estate Investment Products
The firm focuses on real estate investment products that provide absolute returns, regardless of market conditions. The firm offers structured debt and equity products for qualified institutional and individual investors. All products offer investors the chance to benefit from TSI's core specialty in Land Banking.

TSI International Group also works closely with top legal and financial teams to create profitable, tax-efficient, inheritance-friendly structured products.

Contact Information

Stephen Huggins
Place Canada,
7-3-37 Akasaka Minato-ku,
Tokyo 107-0052