Shawn Lawlor


I am an Ottawa native who came to Japan initially in 1990 to Kochi Prefecture to teach English under the Japan Ministry of Education’s JET program. I then pursued post graduate studies under Capilano University’s Asia Pacific Management Program with a one year internship in Tokyo in public relations. I then returned to Canada to begin a career in the forest products industry with a focus on export sales and commodities trading to Japan and the Asia Pacific.
I returned to Japan in 2007 to join the Canada Wood Group to lead a multi-disciplinary team in representing Canada’s softwood lumber industry. My key role in this capacity is to manage market access and trade development initiatives on behalf of Canada’s forest industry. I have also served as the lead project manager in implementing the Canada Tohoku Reconstruction Project wherein, with the generous support of Canadian government and forest industry funding, we were able to build and donate 4 public reconstruction projects in the Tsunami devastated regions of the Tohoku. I have spent a total of 12 wonderful years in Japan and speak Japanese fluently.
I have been a member of the CCCJ since 2007 and have previously served for 3 terms as governor, including one term as Vice-Chair from 2011 to 2013. I have also actively served on various committees and have chaired the Trade Policy Committee. My goal in serving as governor is to actively contribute to Canada – Japan business relations drawing from my background in business development, trade policy and communications. Unlike Donald Trump, I believe in building bridges instead of walls – preferably out of Canadian Timber!