Kiyo Weiss


My connection with and affection for Canada started in 2009 when I joined Air Canada as Japan’s head of Sales and Marketing. In 2013, I became the General Manager and from this position I have continued to strive to make Air Canada one of the most influential and powerful foreign airlines in Japan. In order for me to achieve this goal, I work very closely with CCCJ and the Embassy of Canada to support business development and enhance ties between Japan and Canada as these are the two primary factors affecting air travel between these two countries.

I am passionate for what I do, and this allows me to continually develop new ideas and seek solutions to challenges that may arise. I have always had a passion to connect people around the world, and I am fortunate that this parallels my business endeavors. I have, and continue to travel extensively and worked for companies from 4 different countries, Mitsui & Co., Ltd from Japan, Business International from the U.K., United Airlines from the U.S. and Air Canada from Canada. My experiences within Air Canada as well as without, have assisted in developing my belief in the importance of face to face meetings and in experiencing cultures that are unique to your everyday life.  This has led me to always respect people who enjoy living and contributing to a country that is not their home originally. Taking a larger role at the CCCJ is therefore an obvious step since I would be surrounded by individuals that I admire, respect and can continue to learn from. I am honored to contribute to members’ success in making a difference in the business relationships between the two countries. As governor, I want to serve the members by working closely with all stakeholders while offering a unique perspective, leading to ideas that better reflect both the Japanese and female views which are vital to grow CCCJ`s and its partners’ presence in Japan.