When I arrived in “pre-Internet” Japan on the JET program in 1994, it was with the intention of staying a year or two to experience the culture, learn a bit of the language and come back to Canada with renewed perspective to find a job.
Instead, I have taken a 23-year journey that has seen me work in the private sector doing business development for a small company, working at the Embassy of Canada in Tokyo, and most recently opening, expanding and running the British Columbia Representative Office in Japan.
Through my experiences living both in rural Japan, and in the cosmopolitan city of Tokyo, and my wide contact base, I believe I bring a number of qualities
to the CCCJ. Through my office, I have been a corporate member for the last 10 years, working closely with the Chamber on visits by senior officials, as well as taking part in many of the activities. My knowledge of the private sector, as well as the Canadian Federal Government and Provincial Government gives me a unique perspective on the areas that I believe the CCCJ can address through gap analysis and effective collaboration. I'd be pleased to bring these perspectives to the Board of Governors and help form the basis for the CCCJ moving forward.