Let's Negotiate

McGill Business Luncheon & Workshop with Professor Restrepo

CCCJ Members and guests gathered at the Roppongi Hills Club on September 30 to learn the art and science of negotiations. Those in attendance learned how to prepare for a key negotiation, the importance of separating relationship buiding from hard-nosed negotiations, probing for the other side's requirements and how to weaken the other side's negotiation position. Orgained by McGill University MBA and the CCCJ, participants were taught never again to leave so much value on the table. We will be closing only good deals from now on.

Pablo Restrepo-Sáenz is a consultant and professor in negotiation, business strategy and innovation with a rich international track record both in the private and public sectors. He is the President of Tandem insourcing, an international consulting firm that specializes in Negotiation, Strategy & Business Model Innovation. Mr. Restrepo has worked as a consultant since 1991, and has advised and trained for hundreds of corporations and organizations around the world. He is also a professor for McGill University since 2001, and Universidad de los Andes since 1993. His area of expertise is complex negotiations (he was one of the main advisors on strategy to the Colombian Government during the negotiations of the FTA with the United States of America) and strategy with a focus on innovation and family business. At present he is a member of KIN (Kellogg Innovation Network), of KAC Latin America (Kellogg Alumni Council for Latin America) and KEAN (Kellogg Executive MBA Admissions).

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