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[Event Report] CCCJ Alumni Mixer

CCCJ members and alumni associations from various Canadian universities (listed below), packed Roppongi BrewDog last Thursday for a laid back no RSVP, no cover charge cash bar “Back to School” mixer. People in attendance were diverse in background and industry, but all shared a common Japan-Canada link.

This event was organized by the CCCJ in association with the following alumni associations:

September 18, 2015

[Event Report] Tokyo Bay Cruising

Following two days of hard rain from Typhoon Etau, on Thursday September 10th, the CCCJ, Mobile Monday Tokyo, and Sprinklr Japan, braved the elements and united for a fresh-air evening cruise around Tokyo bay.  Guests met at Takeshiba pier, and boarded the multistory ferry for a two hour tour of Tokyo bay. Rain cleared just as the ferry left the docks. **phew!!**

Tokyo Bay Cruise Map

September 11, 2015

[Event Report] Canada Day 2015

Canada Day 2015

Tokyo's premier Canada Day event, hosted by the CCCJ

Not even last evening’s heavy rainstorm could dampen the Canada Day cheer at the 2015 CCCJ Canada Day Party, which drew a crowd of 80 distinguished guests from the CCCJ’s membership and the larger Tokyo Canuck community.



July 01, 2015

[Event Report] Canada Day 2015 (General Meeting)

The CCCJ Board of Governors called for a General Meeting that was held at the Tokyo American Club, on July 1st, Canada Day.

At the meeting, Governors put to vote the two motions below to the CCCJ's membership.

July 01, 2015

[Event Report] Summer Evening Party


On June 24, the CCCJ hosted its summer evening party. One of the most popular joint chamber functions of the year, the party attracted a crowd of close to 400 business people from several chambers. 

June 24, 2015

[Event Report] CCCJ・McGill MBA Japan Gender Diversity Roundtable

CCCJ ・McGill MBA Japan Gender Diversity Roundtable

「参加者のリアルな体験談から多くの学びと発見がありました。特に強く感じたことは、職場における女性の問題は、男性も含めた働く人全体の問題でもあることです。働き方そのものを変えていくことが必要」-小須田 明子氏

"I learnt and found a lot from real practices of all participants. Particularly, I felt that issues concerning women at work place are often applicable for all workers including men. Work style itself needs to be changed”- Ms. Akiko Kosuda

June 23, 2015