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Japanese Mikan Oranges shipped to Canada for Christmas

Sixty tonnes of tangerines (mikan) from Kanagawa Prefecture southwest of Tokyo have been shipped from Shimizu port to Canada where they will be sold as "Christmas oranges" under the Sun brand. Director Yoshiharu Ishiguro of the JA (Japan Agriculture) fruit centre in Shonan says, "We like to export because we can sell at stable prices. This year was a good one and the fruit is delicious."

Information summarized from: Nihon Nogyo Shimbun courtesy of Canadian Embassy Translation Services, Tokyo

December 12, 2007

The Canada Beef Export Federation Annual "Canada Beef and Veal Seminar" in Tokyo

Canadian Beef - Cow in the Snow

The Canada Beef Export Federation held its annual "Canada Beef and Veal Seminar" in Tokyo with 270 guests in attendance. In addition to a press conference and reception, the seminar featured speakers from the Federation, the Canadian and Alberta governments, and the private sector. An ambitious Japan sales target of "44,000 tonnes per year by 2015" was announced.

December 07, 2007

Canadian companies promote at the Tokyo International Anime Fair

The Tokyo International Anime Fair (TAF), a four-day annual event launched in 2002, will be held from March 27 to 30, 2008. The Canadian Embassy in Tokyo will again coordinate the Canada Pavilion at TAF 2008. The Embassy will also provide networking opportunities and meeting arrangements between Canadian and other companies attending TAF. The Embassy invites Canadian companies interested in exploring the Japanese and other Asian markets to take advantage of space to display their promotional material or demonstrate their products.

December 05, 2007

Rinkoji Temple Architects choose Canadian White cedar

Japanese architect Hiroshi Kato, who is rebuilding Rinkoji Temple in Mishima, Shizuoka Prefecture, says that he expects the Canadian white cedar he chose for the temple’s beams, girders and pillars to last over 1,000 years. "There is no problem concerning durability or strength," Kato says. He traveled to Vancouver Island to select the wood originating from 1400-year-old trees.

Information summarized from: Nikkei courtesy of Canadian Embassy Translation Services, Tokyo

December 03, 2007

Annual Maple Sweets Recipe Contest in Japan

Maple Syrup from Quebec

The awards ceremony for the second annual Maple Sweets recipe contest in Japan was held at the Canadian embassy in Tokyo. This year’s contest, in bakery and confectionery divisions, drew 117 entries. First prize of 300,000 yen (C $2,500) and a trophy went to Tomoko Nose of The Manhattan Makuhari for her confection, "And Maple." The contest aims to promote use of maple syrup and maple sugar by professional chefs in Japan.

November 23, 2007

The Canadian Pork Story

Canadian Pork Story

Canada Pork International (CPI) and the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo sponsored an event to announce publication of the Japanese edition of The Canadian Pork Story, a book all about Canadian pork. Speakers from CPI, the Embassy, and the Alberta government told the audience about the safety and quality of Canadian pork and about the importance of the Japanese market.

Information summarized from: Shokuhin Shimbun courtesy of Canadian Embassy Translation Services, Tokyo

November 21, 2007