[Event Report] EPA CCCJ CJEPA Round table - 日・カナダ経済連携協定 ラウンドテーブル

[Event Report] EPA CCCJ CJEPA Round table - 日・カナダ経済連携協定 ラウンドテーブル

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On November 18, 2014 the CCCJ Trade Policy Committee hosted an engagement with Canada’s chief negotiator, Mr. Ian Burney, and Canada’s lead negotiators for Government Procurement and Technical Barriers to Trade, who were in Tokyo for the seventh round of Canada-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement negotiations.  Canada and Japan are engaged in trade negotiations both through bilateral EPA* negotiations and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). 

Our Canadian government guests informed our membership about the current status of the Canada–Japan EPA, outlined some key areas of interest to both Canadians and Japanese members and came to learn from our members in the Canada/Japan business community about trade related issues which might be addressed in the Canada–Japan EPA, or the TPP. 

There was consensus among all CCCJ member participants that the process of the Canada–Japan EPA is being given significantly less priority by the Japanese side than the TPP negotiations at this time, and we registered this concern with the Canadian negotiators.

CCCJ members voiced support for the notion that Japan would be well served by an early conclusion of the bilateral CJEPA. Specific comments and data about real business issues were presented by former CCCJ President Eric De Groot, with comments offered by Mr. Kitagawa of the Quebec provincial trade office and by Ron Haig of Toyota Motor Corporation and CCCJ HBA member and former president of Toyota Canada, Yoshio Nakatani. The Canadian negotiators welcomed ongoing feedback and comments from CCCJ members to inform the Canadian negotiating position. 

This was an opportunity for members in the Canadian and Japanese business community to support the profile of the Canada–Japan EPA initiative and encourage positive action from the Japanese side with regard to trade-related issues affecting our two nations.  The CCCJ Trade Policy Committee has committed to invite the Japanese negotiators to meet with us in the near future for a similar round of dialogue between the Canada/Japan Business community and those that are negotiating these important agreements.

Information on the Canada-Japan EPA can be found on the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development website.

Samuel G. Gildart - November 18, 2014
CCCJ Event Hosted at TMI Associates




細かいコメントや現状ビジネス問題のデーターは、エリック・デグルートCCCJ元会頭によって提供されました。その間、ケベック州商業事務所北川氏、トヨタ自動車株式会社ロンヘイグ氏と、CCCJ名誉顧問兼カナダトヨタ(株) 元会長の中谷義雄氏によるコメントも頂きました。カナダの交渉担当者達は、カナダの交渉上での立場を知らせる為にCCCJ会員からの継続的なフィードバックやコメントを歓迎しました。これは、カナダと日本のビジネスコミュニティーのメンバーにとって、カナダ日本EPAイニシアチブ概要を支援し、また、両国の国民に悪影響を及ぼす貿易関係の問題についての日本側のプジティブな働きを促進させる良い機会となりました。


サムエル ギルダート– 2014年11月18日