Tohoku Student Intern Project 2015 - Call for hosts, volunteers and sponsors!

Tohoku Student Intern Project 2015 

Call for hosts, sponsors and volunteers



Host a high school student from Rikuzentakata at your company and/or home for a week from March 15-22, 2015.




Since 2012, the CCCJ in collaboration with NPO Ganbatte 365 have organized an internship program for highschool students from Tohoku. Preparations for the 2015 Tohoku Student Intern Project are underway, and the CCCJ is looking for our membership to get involved.


There are four ways to get involved:

  1. Host a student at your company
  2. Host a student at your home
  3. Volunteer and help run the project
  4. Help sponsor the project

For more information download the project overview - [English] [日本語]

2015 Tohoku Intern Project registration forms: [For Companies] [For Homestay hosts]

The 2015 project 

This year, we will bring 15 to 20 students from Takata SHS - in Rikuzentakata, Iwate prefecture - to Tokyo to participate in internship and homestay program. 


Date  Plan
Feb 15  Deadline for applicatrions from companies and host families
Mar 06   Student/host family matching complete
Mar 15  Host families meet students at Tokyo station around 14:00
Mar 16  Orientation and first day at company
Mar 17 - 19  Students parttake in internship 
Mar 20  Last day at company; special closing evening event
Mar 21  Free day for students with their host families
Mar 22  Host families see students off at Tokyo station in the morning


About the program

Rikuzentakata, is a small city located on the Sanriku Coastline between Kesenuma and Ofunato in Iwate Prefecture, that was devistated by the Great East Japan Earthquake and its ensuing Tsunami. Despite the fact that the town, is, essentially gone, as described by it's Mayor, people of Rikuzentakata are hopeful, and are committed to recovery.  


A Message from Futoshi Toba, Mayor of Rikuzentakata in Iwate Prefecture


In summer 2012, Neil van Wouw and the CCCJ's CSR committee went to Rikuzentakata to discuss the idea of inviting high school students. The idea was met with great enthusiasm and since then, in 2013, and 2014 the program materialized in internships and homestays for 11 and 14 students respectively.


Click here for the event report from the 2014 program.     


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