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*For Bank Transfers, please use the following banking information:

Please remit to the following bank account/ お手数ですが、下記の口座へお振込ください。
三菱東京UFJ銀行/ Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank 
口座名/Account Name:ザイニチカナダシヨウコウカイギシヨカイトウオニールフィリップ/Zainichikanadashokokaigishokaito O'Neill Philip
店番/Branch number: 084
支店/Branch: 青山通支店/Aoyamadori Branch
口座番号/Account Number: 1268586
普通口座/Type of Account: Futsu

Event Details

December 31 (Tue)
Register by
December 31 (Tue)
16:30 - 16:30
CCCJ office
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Event Registration

Type Price Quantity
Corporate-Sustaining ¥600,000
Corporate ¥210,000
SME ¥70,000
Individual ¥40,000
Students ¥20,000
Non-resident Corporate ¥50,000
Non-resident Individual ¥15,000