Breakfast Seminar With Canada-Japan Interparliamentary Group


Breakfast Seminar With Canada-Japan Inter-parliamentary Group - Current Perceptions of Japan in Canadian Political Circles

Hon. Bryon Wilfert. P.C., M.P. - Liberal Party of Canada
Terence Young M.P. - Conservative Party of Canada

Representatives of the Canada-Japan Interparliamentary Group, Co-Chair, the Honourable Bryon Wilfert, P.C., M.P. and Member, Terence Young, M.P. will conduct an interactive seminar over breakfast with CCCJ members on the topic “Current Perceptions of Japan in Canadian Political Circles”. They will discuss the image of Japan in Canada and contrast it with Canada’s other relationships in Asia. CCCJ members will be encouraged to engage in active discussions with both parliamentarians on how Japan's profile in Canada can be raised, especially among decision makers in government and among the business community in Canada and Japan.

Co- Sponsored by the Canada/Japan Inter-parliamentary Group

Event Details

February 23 (Wed)
Registration Closed
08:00 - 09:30
Blue Gardenia Room 40F
4,000 (members) | 5,000 (guest) yen
Includes buffet breakfast

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